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U-litter born 21/5 2009

The litter consists of 3 kittens

2 girls and 1 boy

Ursula - Cremetabby girl -  for sale - sold

 Ustinov:- Redtabby boy - sold

Unique -: Lilactortietabby girl -sold.

Mom: Lucky Look Kandy Cream, blåtortie (SBI g)

Dad: Avalon von Imporio*A, redtabby (SBI d21)

Inbreeding 5 generations 0 % - 9 generations 1,11%

Bloodgroup for the kittens: Aa, because the parents are Aa (not carrying B)

Ursula 7 months

Ustinov 7 months

7 months

Ursula 4½ month

Unique 4½ month

Ustinov 4½ month

Ursula 14 weeks

Ursula 14 weeks

9 weeks. From left: Ursula, Ustinov & Unique

Cremetabby girl in age of 6 weeks

Cremetabby girl 6weeks

Lilactortietabby girl 6 weeks

Redtabby boy in age of 6 weeks

U-litter in age of 2 weeks

Kandy has stolen one of the 3 T-kittens. She was walking around on the floor crying.


Enya helps Kandy during the birth

Kandy the day before birth