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R-litter born 16/6 2008

The litter consist of  5 red/redtabby kittens

1 girl and 4 boys

Their weight at birth 96, 90, 106, 100 and 70 g

Rosalina - the only girl in the litter is not for sale

You can see pictures of Rosalina in this page

The boys are named: Ritchie, Red Rubin, Ronaldo and Roberto.

Red Rubin, Ronaldo, Ritchie and Roberto are sold.

The proud parents:


Dad: N* CH Temm's Dipsacus Tootsie, SBI d21 & Mom: Lucky Look MaggieMay SBI d21 

Owner of the male: Karina Larsen N*Miridanias


Inbreeding 5 generations 0,0%, 10 gen. 1,63%

You can see some more pictures in the Danish Page (Kuld/R-kuld)

Rosalina 9 months of age

Roberto in age of 4 months

Ritchie in age of 4 months

Ronaldo in age of 4 months

Ritchie 11 weeks

Ronaldo 11 weeks

Red Rubin 11 weeks

Rosalina 11 weeks

Roberto 11 weeks

R-litter 5 weeks

Rosalina 5 weeks

Red Rubin 5 weeks

Roberto 5 weeks

Ronaldo 5 weeks

Ritchie 5 weeks

Red Rubin                                        Roberto


Ritchie                                    Ronaldo

R-litter i age of exactly 1 month

Red Rubin 4 weeks

Ronaldo 4 weeks

Roberto 4 weeks

Ritchie 4 weeks

Rosalina 4 weeks

4 weeks

R-litter in age of 3 week



         Rosalina 3 weeks

R-litter 2 weeks

R-kitten 2 weeks

R-litter 2 days

R-litter 1 day. MaggieMay insists of living in the little tent with her babies

Maggie and the kittens a few Hours after the birth (caesarian)