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P-litter born 3/3 2008

The litter consists of

2 female kittens and 1 male kitten

Prince Pooky, redpointed boy (for sale as Pet Cat)

Pooky 16 weeks in age

Lady Philippa, redtabby girl -Sold

Pink Pearl, redtabby girl -Sold

Bloodgroup A, DNA-colourtest: Has got chocolate from both parents

 Mom: Lucky Look Kandy Cream, bluetortiepointed (SBI g)

Dad: Avalon von Imporio*A, redtabbypointed (SBI d21)

Inbreeding 5 generations 0 % - 9 generations 1,11%

More pictures in the Danish Page

Prince Pooky 10 weeks

Lady Philippa 10 weeks

Pink Pearl. Prince Pooky & Lady Philippa 10 weeks

Prince Pooky  8 weeks

Lady Philippa 8 weeks


Pink Pearl 8 weeks

Prince Pooky, Lady Philippa and Pink Pearl nearly 8 weeks

Pink Pearl in age of 6 weeks

Lady Philippa 6 weeks

Prince Pooky 6 weeks

Girls 1 month old

Boy in age of 1 month

P-litter in age of 2 week

Female kitten  2 weeks

Female 2 weeks

Male 2 weeks

1 week old