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O-Litter born 30/10 2007

The litter consists of 2 male kittens.

Oscar and Oliver. Weight at birth 102 and 108 g

Oscar is lilacpointed

Oliver is chocolatepointed

Both kittens are reserved

 Mother: Lucky  Look Isabell, lilacpointed (SBI c)

Dad: Avalon von Imporio*A, redtabbypointed (SBI d21)

Inbreeding 5 generations 0 % - 9 generations 1,56 %

Isabell returned from her future owner a few month ago.

Oscar and Oliver 9-10 weeks

Oliver 8 weeks

Oscar 8 weeks

Oliver 5 weeks

Oscar in age of 4 weeks

Oliver in age of 4 weeks

Oliver 13 days

Oscar 13 days

Here Isabell with her 6 days old kittens

Oscar and Oliver 4 days old

Newborn 30/10 2007

Isabell with her newborn kittens

Isabell a few days before the birth