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K-litter born 2/8 2006

Konfetti - Sealtortiepointed female (SBI f).

Kandy -  Bluetortiepointed female (SBI g).

Konrad - Creampointed male (SBI e).

All kittens are sold

 Lady: Lengoa's Queen of Hearts, redpointed (SBI d)

Sir: Lindow's Kornelius, lilacpointed (SBI c)


Konfetti 9 weeks

Konfettis frontlegs

Konfetti (8weeks) and her mother

Konrad 9 weeks

Kandy 9 weeks

Konrad (SBI e) 6 weeks old

Kandy (SBI g) 6 weeks old

Konfetti (SBI f) 6 weeks old

Konrad and Konfetti in age of 1 month

Kandy 1 month                                    Konfetti 1 month

Konrad 1 month